I was chatting with a friend today and she told me that it would be nice -sorry-, that it would be ok (the word “nice” according to a friend’s teacher, has no meaning at all) if I write in English. So I decided to give it a try. This one is going to be a short one. I just wanted to point out one thing about this “issue”… oh, sorry… I haven’t said anything about the “issue” right? forgive me, I’m not a writer, what can you expect. The “issue” began to take shape in my mind because there’s this weird need in us to communicate. I was reading a bit about the need that we humans have to be recognised and to be someone in someone’s mind. When I say reading, don’t think that is in a scientific magazine, though it could be, and when I say a bit don’t think it was a small amount though it was. Anyway,  I was reading a bit (sorry, I couldn’t help it) and I just thought that this need is a need because we do need it. It is not an invention of man kind, like this completely post-modern need of buying things because we “need” them, or worse, to buy things to make people think that we are something that we are not. A very good friend of mine would think about the meaning of a certain character that was in this famous shopping mall here in Guatemala. Yes, welcome Frosty! Now it appears that we need Frosty here in Guatemala to “feel” the Christmas season. No. The need of communication is real, and the need to be recognised at least by someone in the world is also a real one. One can argue that what’s real isn’t always the synonym of what happens in reality, but for the purpose of a mere and simple blog, lets define reality as what is in front of our eyes every day. If this is true, then communications and proof of existence to others in our behalf is a day to day need, and lets face it, can you say that you didn’t want to communicate anything today? not even to yourself? I don’t think so.. and look! it wasn’t that short after all..



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