Today I went to the airport to say goodbye to a friend that’s going back to her country for a while. On my way back home, in my car, I was talking with this other friends that are a few months away of going back home as well. After a bit, my friends kept on talking with each other and my mind, God and I began to do the same. My mind spat this question, well, not question but thought… when friends leave… This thought grew bigger and found it’s way in this writing. So, in memory of you my friend, away or not, foreigner or national, yellow, black, white or brown, whether I see you today or never again, whether you’re here or you’re gone.

My dear friend:

Today I thought of you. I didn’t mean to, but I couldn’t help myself. I remember when you told me what you thought about that thing I asked you. I remember when we laughed and we couldn’t say anything else. I remember when we just talked, talked, talked and… talked. I remember when you did that favour I needed. I remember when you asked my advice and you took it in spite of me being me. I remember when I saw your face and I thanked God for meeting you and be able to share with you. I remember when I knew that I wasn’t going to see you again. I remember when we said goodbye and tears were the goodbye present. I remember when I wrote those words to you because you were leaving. I remember when we said hello with a hand shake because a kiss was too weird for you. I remember when we just had to see that film and we did. I remember that day that I talked to you because you didn’t. I remember the look on your face when something wasn’t right for you. I remember when the world was just too strange. It still is. I remember when you would come to my house and I would go to yours. I remember when we drove around the city together. I remember when you stayed in my house for the night. I remember when we went to that place for some coffee. I remember when we would talk about yesterday, today and the days to come.

To all those friends that have been there, today I want to say to you that your life is in my heart and if something back there is familiar, you are right and I will never forget.

Your friend.



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